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ENGAGENT is the innovative business solution that, thanks to the virtual assistance’s potential, will allow your company to interact with your users in one-to-one mode, via cross-channel and to optimise the efficiency of your support team.

Hybrid Digital Support: the innovative solution to employ both human and virtual resources at their best

ENGAGENT is the first software platform that introduces the concept of Hybrid Digital Support (HDS): to make the best use possible of virtual assistance (thanks to the NLP engine) to solve in self-service mode the most frequent and easier to solve user requests, and to use human resources only when necessary and when the presence of an operator in the dialogue between brand and user is required. Hence, the technology allows to extend the support service or to communicate with the user (for upselling or marketing activities as well) 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, reducing support costs (in particular those relating to first-line support) and making better use of human resources dedicated to user support.


ENGAGENT communicates with the user through a chat which is active on the website (in mobile format as well) and via Social channel. It also allows a dialogue to be escalated to traditional channels (Voice, SMS, Mail).


ENGAGENT was not developed to take the place of your support team but to provide a 24 hours a day service and first-line support for requests which can be resolved using a digital assistant, requiring staff intervention only when strictly needed.


ENGAGENT communicates with your user in 10 different languages (including the NLP engine) with the possibility to extend the dialogue to other languages that could be implemented.



ENGAGENT has been developed to work at its best both in on-premises mode and in CLOUD mode, and to adapt itself to your needs and business policies.



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The technology


ENGAGENT communicates with your users via cross-channel, making the best possible use of your resources and following the business rules you have defined.

Chatbox on website

Chatbox easily integrated on your website

On Mobile Devices

The same chatbox is available in mobile format

On Facebook page

A chatbox that can be integrated on your Facebook page


When it is necessary, operators can intervene in the conversation using an easy-to-use and extremely functional operative console.


The Virtual Agent is always active, 24/7. Thanks to the knowledge base, it is able to communicate with the user in the first-line support phase and it activates the Self-service mode during out-of-office hours or when the support team is overwhelmed.


An interface for the administration of the system and for the analysis of KPIs for the service provided. Il allows the control of all activities of both operators and of the virtual assistant.


An intuitive and comprehensive interface used to control autonomously the knowledge base used by ENGAGENTS’s NPL engine.


A tool developed to design the interaction and business behaviours with the users and for the integration with the business’ backoffice systems (CRM, ERP, E-Commerce, etc.)


ENGAGEMENT makes intelligent choices in order to employ at their best the two support modes: virtual agent and the support team that intervene when most appropriate, providing the user with the most effective response

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None of Us is as Good as All of Us.

~ Ray Kroc


Better service. Less costs. New customer experience. The reasons to choose ENGAGENT for you business.

It extends the support service in Self-Service mode, 24/7, via Cross-Channel and always in Real-Time. Better service quality for your client, more savings for your company! More info
Used to provide IT support to users from within your organisation, significantly reducing first-line support costs and integrating with your business’ IT systems. More info
A Digital vendor that establishes a proactive dialogue with your potential client thanks to the design of marketing behaviours and to the integration with Backoffice systems. More info

Just a few reasons why ENGAGENT is aligned with your business
(But there are many more...)

It enhances the efficiency of your support team

An innovative, functional and easy to use operator interface. It allows one to manage workloads and operational scope in multi-chat, supporting the operator thanks to the semantic Knowledge Base available to perform information searches.

Real + Virtual. Greater customer support capacity

Using a virtual agent, operations are guaranteed 24/7 to offer first-line support in self-service mode, outside of office hours or when the team is overwhelmed. Operators intervene when it is truly necessary and effective.

Available on Cloud and easy to integrate

A service available both in CLOUD and ON-PREMISES mode. Developed to adapt itself to any business need or policy, it does not interfere with existing infrastructure and it integrates easily with your IT systems.

Easy to use and Proactive

Operators who will use this will be enthusiastic about its usability and about the automatic management of tasks. Your marketing department will consider it a great partner for generating new leads and for upselling activities in One2One mode.

Your users first of all!

Customer is the King. ENGAGENT is the technological solution that helps you provide your customer with an effective and proactive online support.


ENGAGENT is Business oriented

Developed to value your business’ most important resource: your client! It integrates with your Backoffice systems in order to achieve a cohesive alignment of both information and activities; it is controlled by the behavioural and business flows that you define.


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If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.

~ Jeff Bezos
Who we are


We strongly believe in a technology that businesses can use to improve the interaction with their clients. A technology that simplifies processes, supports progress and cuts costs. Not the other way around.

Pat Group – evolved IT solutions to ensure your leadership

We are a group with twenty years of experience in Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service, IT Service Management, automation of business and IT process sectors.

From 2009, thanks to the acquisition of H-Care and to the technological know how of this company, we extended our operative environment, becoming a key player in the creation of software solutions for tech support provided via human-looking operators that interact via cross-channel.

Our solutions have been developed with the aim of allowing management teams to understand and optimize the customer experience. We implement customer centric solutions that allow businesses to establish a direct dialogue with their clients or users, via multiple communication channels. Through this connection, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is possible to improve customer support, expand the brand and build customer loyalty.

Ensure effective solutions for your business processes.
Your leadership. Our mission.

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